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手   机:13961931093

电   话:0515-88662208

传   真:0515-88662208

网   址:www.jsychn.com

邮   编:224022

地   址:江苏省盐城市盐都区大纵湖镇义丰工业开发区



近年来本公司坚持以质量求生存,以创新求发展,以诚信求品牌的企业宗旨,在延用自己的技术基础上不断引进世界的较好的技术。 在当今竞争较为激烈的市场大潮中,yabo手机版登陆电热一直保持其真诚的敬业精神,优良的设计理念,质量保障。

我公司一直秉持节能、低碳、环保的设计研发理念,在已有成熟技术的基础上借鉴、吸收较好的技术和管理经验,生产优良的符合客户心意的产品,已与多家上市公司及中科院研究所等科研单位保持长期的业务合作伙伴关系。产品应用于机械、化工、化 纤、冶金、橡塑、材料、医药、汽车、电缆光缆、环保等工业领域及科研机构。

yabo手机版登陆电热机械一贯以“优良品质为宗旨”,艰苦创业,搏业市场经济的大潮共同谱写世纪的辉煌。 我们以客户满意,员工乐意,经营得意来实践永绩的经营,以创新品质,保障交期,价格实惠,提高生产力来促进产品的竞争力,并致力于开发新产品,迈向多元化经营是我们的追求目标。热诚欢迎各地的新老客户光临惠顾。

Yancheng hengneng Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yifeng, the hometown of heater, which is the industrial town of West District of Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The company has perfect processing equipment, perfect process, perfect technical strength, excellent product development and design ability and rich production experience.

In recent years, the company insists on the enterprise tenet of survival by quality, innovation and development, and brand with integrity. On the basis of extending its own technology, the company has constantly introduced the world's better technology. In the current market tide with more fierce competition, hengneng electric power has always maintained its sincere dedication, excellent design concept and quality assurance.

Our company has always adhered to the concept of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection design and development, based on the mature technology, we have learned and absorbed = better technology and management experience from outside, and produced excellent products that meet the customers' wishes. We have maintained long-term business partnership with many listed companies and scientific research institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The products are applied to the mechanical, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, rubber and plastic, materials, medicine, automobile, cable and optical cable, environmental protection and other industrial fields and scientific research institutions.

Hengneng electric machinery has always been "excellent quality as the purpose", hard work, strive for the market economy tide to compose the glory of the century. We are committed to developing new products and diversifying our business by means of customer satisfaction, employees' willingness and operation satisfaction to practice the operation of permanent achievements, to innovate quality, guarantee delivery period, price and benefit, and to improve productivity to promote the competitiveness of products. Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to visit and patronize sincerely.